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Cold Heading Quality

Wire and Wire is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer and supplier of carbon and alloy wire for a diverse customer base that includes the fastener, automotive, hand tools, appliance, off-road heavy equipment, construction, and other industries.

As the leader in cold heading quality wire, Wire and Wire can provide Spheroidized annealing, sulfuric acid pickling, and wire drawing to suit your needs.

Our cleaning and coating facilities employ state-of-the-art acid pickling technology for high productivity with uniform coating characteristics (for lime, borax and zinc phosphate with reactive lube) and minimal statistical variability on the finished product.

You should expect nothing but the best from us in cold heading quality rod & wire. Republic’s continuous Spheroidized annealing furnaces provide uniform product to achieve higher levels of productivity.

GRADES All types of Carbon Steels confirming to IS1673 ,JISG3532 , ASTM A510M & BS 970 ,IS4454.

Diameter : 2.00 to 28.00 mm
Cut Length : 0.15 to 3.0 mtrs ( 150 to 3000 mm )